Tuesday, June 15, 2010

taking it back to the old school

after ordering my re-sealing kit from ebay weeks ago...

after searching store after store to find denatured alcohol for cleaning...

after spending hours at night to carefully replace the disintegrating foam in the body...

after finding out the battery chamber is busted and the camera will only function and focus manually by eyeing it...

after googling all that i could for a crash course in aperture, shutter speed and ISO...

after stopping by three rite-aids (resisting the call of three thrifty ice cream cones) and a costco to find a good and cheap place that can process film...

these photos from my first roll of film had me waving my hands in the air and shaking my deriere to some tag team music in full effect - whoomp there it is! (in my mind (mostly.)) i'm not sure how much more i can hang with the process before getting a DSLR, but here are a few photos shot on my nikon FM 35mm camera from the also much-anticipated rose bowl flea market this past sunday.

vintage houseware in pretty colors

loving sailboats for the summer [insert salt n pepa rap here]

also loving future sis-in-law connie and the radio flyer wagon we found for the upcoming wedding

ps - father's day cards are finally up on etsy!


  1. super cute, rose-pie! take me with you next time! :]

  2. pics came out great. i wanna take pics on my 35mm. did all the pics come out focused?

  3. these photos are beautiful! i especially love the first picture of the shelf of vintage houseware! i find myself being drawn to the purchase of a dslr as well, but keep telling myself that it's the photographer not the camera that makes a beautiful picture! ...and i must say, that your photography sure is beautiful!

  4. The pictures came out pretty well - good job Rosie! The Rose Bowl flea market is the mother of flea markets, but I find it somewhat expensive. Soon, I too will be scouring the Southland's flea markets for housewares.