Thursday, September 13, 2012

zippity zoo day

one quiet friday a couple weeks ago, joe and i were hit with the crazy bug and came thiiis close to packing our bag, strapping the little one into his carseat and making a mad dash for vegas. enter voice of reason, and reality found us heading out early the next morning to san diego instead for a nice little day at the zoo.

it was actually kind of a big deal, because this was the first time being at the zoo EVER for both james and joe!

here's jamesy - a little bit scared, little bit excited (mostly not sure what's going on) to see all the animals.

a couple of our fave friends.

ooh look, a new exhibit next to the pandas in the asia section!

gorilla, man, back to back chillin'.

elephant squeeeze!

good times, especially thanks to cutiepie cousin london and fam.