Monday, June 7, 2010

bunting for baby elias

somehow joe's and my weekend schedule often ends up including a babysitting gig for the people we love. but no complaints from me - i think i may have more fun than the kids, especially when we get to bust out the crayolas for some arts and crafts time. i love watching them scribble scrabble their hearts away as they put their all into making something so sincere and sweet. here's the sign i made with the girlies we babysat this weekend to welcome home their new baby brother.

as cute as they are with all the ridiculous and funny things they say and do, i secretly think the cutest is joe, who goes all out playing games with them, telling them silly stories, and trying really hard to explain to them why they shouldn't eat too much candy. can't wait to have our own little bunch some day, lord-willing! :)

some scribble scrabble of my own for the new baby boy...

(card set available on etsy).


  1. so cute, the bunting! i thought about doing crafts with them but was too wiped. two thumbs up to you guys! ps. hope joe feels better!

  2. you guys are the best! aw, man, and now you have another babysitting gig this friday. ouch!!! but the kids are gonna love you and hopefully, you can get some R & R after the kids go down. thanks so much!

  3. That's so cute!! :) I love kiddies too, but I think it's absolutely adorable when you see the way people play with them, and how cute they become too :)
    I love that card you made!! It's so cute!!!!