Thursday, June 3, 2010

crossroads fashion photo contest

it started with brunch a couple saturdays ago at the now-closed omelette parlor followed by a trip to crossroads trading co. to sell a few articles of clothing that ended up paying for the meal (score!) where a certain photo contest poster caught our eye. the result? a scramble to goodwill and urban outfitters followed by our eleventh-hour fashion photo shoot at a nearby park.

we had a blast reliving some of our crazier days, reminiscent of way back in the day when we used to get super-judged for our secondhand styles (some would actually rummage through my closet for halloween costumes! haha). here are a couple of my favorites from our adventure...

happy birthday karean, my fearless friend! even if we don't win the big bucks, and even if we get too tired and old to follow the popular trends, you'll always be a winner in my book! (and if all else fails, we can always meet up at forever21).

ps - you can find us and give us five stars here!


  1. haha, love the first one! looks like it's out of an urban catalog :] karean is totally model material! happy bday ks :]

  2. Nice job Rosie and Karean! Love the first pic!

  3. bhahahahahh i look crazy hahhahaha =) thank you and please vote for us! =)

  4. hahaah! love the first one! gj, ladies. :)


  5. you gals are so cute! karean, what a model! i love the first one too.