Thursday, June 10, 2010

goal #11: don't get featured on regretsy

did you know there is a site dedicated to all those weird things you stumble across amidst all the heart-worthy delights on etsy? i hate to be critical of someone else's work, but i'll admit there have been some postings that really make me scratch my head in wonder. so when i came across this site via remarks from sparks, i had myself a nice little chuckle.

it's refreshing to be reminded not to take all of life so seriously - especially the things i'm given by grace to just enjoy! so my new goal is to simply enjoy what i do, without feeling pressure to wow the world, without becoming puffed up with pride at my accomplishments, to just create something some lovely person might be inspired to pick up...without any regretsy. 

here's some postage to send you to the shop! (now i just have to figure out how to get this thing up there /`).

ps - father's day cards are done and needing to be photographed...hopefully will have them up by tomorrow!


  1. hey, i always always wanted unicorn candles! thanks for the tip, rose! -jane :)

  2. LOL, regretsy is super funny! never heard of it till today. tahah, can't wait to see your f-day cards!

  3. ahahaha. thanks for the chuckle! awesome job on the postage my friend.