Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hot off the letterpress

there was a big hurrah last week with all the big season and series finales - [spoiler alert] nicole scherzinger was the best dancer, lee beat crystal, everybody died on lost,  jack bauer became the new dark knight on the run...and over in my little world, the final class of introductory letterpress at irvine fine arts center came to a significantly less-dramatic end.

i found out about this class randomly through a gal who bought some of our wedding decorations from the weddingbee classifieds and after being wait-listed once, finally got to take the class along with ampersandity-cathie.

i didn't quite know what to expect but found it to be such a delight to be removed from the fast-paced, "ctrl-P" world of instant gratification for a few hours a week to become acquainted with gutenburg and the old-school art of letterpress.

our first project was a simple one-graphic/one-line card using movable metal type.

and the finale was our own set of business cards which we designed through illustrator and got converted to a polymer plate to be run through the letterpress machine.

the best part is now we have access to the letterpress studio to continue working on our own projects. i'm already looking forward to season two! :)


  1. The cards are gorgeous! It sounds like the Irvine Fine Arts center is quite the resource. There are letterpress classes up here in Pasadena, but I haven't taken any. I appreciate your description of our "fast-paced, "ctrl-P" world"'s true.


  2. soooo cute i love your card!

  3. looks like you've got fans! i love love loved these classes -- we've gotta do another one together!!

  4. rosie, long time no see! =) i've secretly been reading your blog for a while - i wish more girls in san diego were motivated to make & blog beautiful things like you & catt! thanks for dropping by <3