Wednesday, June 16, 2010

kitchen reverie

when i first saw jen johner's kitchen on apartment therapy, i totally did a double take. it was like the imaginary kitchen i have filed away in the back of my mind coming to life in the form of jpgs i can now keep saved in [virtually] real folders!

love the colors, love the simple details, the chalkboard, the light pouring through the window.

as fun as it is to dream, there are many things that make me cherish the here and now [insert luther vandross lyrics here (sorry i'm in a cheesy music funk this week)]. top five reasons why i'm lovin the fabulous apartment life...
1. the far mailbox calls for nice evening strolls with best roomie
2. close proximity with neighbors gives world cup and lakers games a nice stadium effect
3. easy access to tennis court, pool, fitness center we will surely take advantage of "one of these days"
4. provides the much-needed reminder of how temporary the material things in life are and to be thankful for all we do have that is in abundance and way more than we deserve
5. and my fave, less square footage = less cleaning :)


  1. ooh i love that kitchen, too! i always wanted a chalkboard in my kitchen one day. but i also love your reasons to be content with what you got now :) - jane

  2. Ooh what a lovely kitchen! the color scheme is awesome. Here's one of my favorites:

  3. awwwwwweeeeee! Thanks so much for linking me to this.. and for the sweet words about my kitchen.. totally made my day!!! :) Jen