Wednesday, December 21, 2011

hello again, blog.

ok wow, i can't believe so much time has passed since my last post...and even more so, how quickly the time has flown by since little james was born! i just put together a photo book of the past 4+ months as a christmas gift for my parents and i couldn't help tearing up as i went through the pictures of my jamesy wamesy as a teeny tiny newborn. it's so exciting to see him grow and learn, to get more smiles and funny noises from him, to get to know more of his personality and try to match different traits to either joe or me. but i can't help but feel it's all happening so quickly.

before i blink and he turns into a teenager, here's a quick recap of the life & times of JZP via screen shots from the photo book (is that ghetto? haha). enjoy!

Monday, August 8, 2011

from bump to baby

our little bundle of joy, james zachary pyo, came into the world on july 27 at 2:13 a.m., weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces and measuring 20 inches long.

it started tuesday around 3 a.m. james was running a couple days fashionably late and just about ready for his grand entrance. with the contractions getting more consistent through the morning, we decided to make the call and head over to the hospital around 10 a.m. at 11 a.m. i was dilated only 2-3 cm, by noon 5 cm, and so it continued until about 10 p.m. when we got to 10 cm. by then i felt like i was connected to a million things, from the iv pumping fluid to me, another one pumping pitocin, to the catheter pumping fluid to the baby and the catheter pumping fluid out of my bladder, to the epidural in my back, to an oxygen mask on my face, the blood pressure thing on my arm and probably a few others i can't remember. not my best look, i'm sure.

around midnight, when james was low enough, the nurse told me we were ready to push. to be honest, i wasn't very good at it and they kept telling me i was only pushing with my face so it was getting all red and squished with no action down below. after about an hour and half of that, they could finally see james' sweet little head poking through, at which point they called my doctor to come and do the rest of the delivery. so after about another 25 minutes of waiting, i pushed a couple more times and out came baby james! along the way i had to vomit a couple times and i got a 100.3 fever, but by 2:13 a.m. none of that seemed to matter because our baby boy was perched on my chest and i was in love!

i came in not knowing what to expect, and though it's definitely been mixed in with moments of cluelessness and emotional drainage, i can't help feeling the experience is more amazing and he is more precious than what i could've imagined. can't wait to see how james' journey continues to unfold, from bump to baby to...

Friday, July 22, 2011

letters to baby

can't believe how quickly the past 39+ weeks have passed by with this little baby growing inside of me. i haven't really blogged too much about it all, but i have been trying to write about it through letters to baby james.

hopefully one day he'll read it (since he's a boy, i'm thinking it might not be until he's married and his wife reads it to him) and get to see his first ultrasound, the sweets mommy craved carrying him, how daddy painted his room and also read about the the names we almost named him, all the questions i had, and the anxieties i faced (and still face) about his health, labor, parenting...and how through all of these things we could only hope in Christ.

dear baby james...see you soon! i can't wait!!! love, mom

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

robot baby shower for cathie

in continuation from my last post, here are some pictures from the robot-themed baby shower we had for cathie and her dear baby oliver back in may. can't believe the little guy is already a month old!

it's been neat to have so many friends around me forging the way through pregnancy, labor & delivery, and the first crazy weeks/months of parenthood. i'm still not sure quite what to expect and for sure i don't feel mommish yet, but i'm encouraged to see how through the difficulties and unknowns sure to be mixed in with all the joys, there will be oh so much grace!

39 weeks, 1 day. let's get this show on the road!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

party time!

this year has been out of control with so many of my good friends having babies and turning the big 3-0. for awhile it felt like a shower or party every weekend, sometimes hopping from one to the next all in the same day!

it's been fun to help plan some of them and i suppose all the running around that was involved is being balanced out by this bed rest stint i'm going through now. here are some pics from miriam's 30th back in april that i finally got uploaded to my computer...

Monday, June 27, 2011

for better or for worse

two years, a combined 50+ pounds, and a few waiting-to-be-loosened screws ago, i got this guy to marry me. and while he's been busy discovering all the worst sides of me, to me he just gets better and better as i get to see more of his patience, grace, humility and love.

dear are the BEST! love, rosie

Saturday, June 25, 2011

the last month

so, we are just about one month away from the arrival of el niño!

my gut says he's going to be early, but i may very well be wrong and just wishing it so i wouldn't have to see my gut keep growing with each extra day.

here are a some things i'm hoping to do before then:
- find my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe
- eat at some new and old LA eateries (suggestions?)
- get back into the etsy world
- host a dinner pahh-tee or two
- do a photo session for someone
- learn how to use a sewing machine
- go to a dodger game

i had written the above thursday night as a draft, but oh what a difference a day makes! friday morning, i went in for my 3rd trimester ultrasound where they found my amniotic fluids were measuring lower than normal. at first they rushed me to labor and delivery to make sure my water hadn't broken [insert panic here], and then did a bunch of tests to monitor the baby. in the end they told me i didn't have to deliver the baby after all (whew!), but have to be on almost bed rest and go back twice a week until i do deliver to do all the tests and make sure baby's ok.

i know, being told to just rest might sound like a welcomed order, but not if you are crazy like me. it's probably a combo of my control freakedness and being in nesting mode that's put me in this high-productivity cooking, organizing, shopping/returning, cleaning (this one not aaas much, hehe) mode. like this morning, i woke up and felt determined i needed to juuust sort! the! laundry! so i started, joe told me to stop, i said okokok, and then secretly finished sorting it in super speed silence. sigh. this will be a good thing for me, to just let go and remember it's God who holds all things together. and He's taking care of our dear baby in my womb until it is the perfect time for him to come and meet us.

and thankfully i have joe to constantly remind me to take it easy AND make me banana chocolate chip pancakes on a saturday morning :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


after much time spent considering whether i should start blogging again and trying to muster up some motivation, i've finally made it back. can't believe that since my last post, the mrs. pyo club is preggers, preggers and re-preggers!

here are a few things that have kept me occupied outside the blog-world:
- going on a cruise. joe and i decided to try something neither of us had ever done and packed our bags, loosened our belts and hopped on a boat. not sure if we would do it again, but highlights included the 24-hour pizza parlor, geekily reading twilight by the pool, watching joe play in the ping pong tournament, and that arcade game where you put in quarters to push the other quarters to spill out so you can put them right back into the machine over and over again (how is this game even fun?!).

- eating diligently for two. after getting through the first trimester nausea, my appetite has returned with an unstoppable vengeance. some days i do a double-take at what i think is a kirstie alley sighting (she's looking great, by the way!), only to realize it’s my own reflection. and other days there's no double-take needed; i just look at myself and see eddie murphy in the nutty professor. straight up. doc even told me to take it easy and i realized i can tell her it's from the cruise for only so long.

- scouring craigslist for treasures. lately i’ve been checking craigslist non-stop for furniture and baby items. sometimes i go a little overboard, like the time i bought two different used pottery barn cribs and had to re-sell one on craigslist (for a minor profit). or the time i realized one of the sellers was a blogger i follow and admire, and acted like a total stalker-fan when i went to go buy the item. it’s all so much fun, until i am faced with joe’s voice of reason, accompanied by his stink eye.

- moving. we recently moved into a new apartment and all-in-all i love our new place - the neighborhood, the garage, our new washer and dryer, the plentiful windows. but, as i’ve been trying to convince my ever-so-practical husband, it could use a little extra help, like painting over the peach walls and maybe some decorative accents here and there. for example, the super cute hand-knit doll i found on sale at anthropologie for the nursery...that obviously doubles as an oddly-shaped back-support cushion for argh, i can feel joe’s stink eye just writing about it!

well, this retro-retro-retro-active blogging could go on forever so i'll leave it at that and save more updates, photos and my list of things to do before the arrival of el niño for next time...thanks for reading! :)