Friday, July 22, 2011

letters to baby

can't believe how quickly the past 39+ weeks have passed by with this little baby growing inside of me. i haven't really blogged too much about it all, but i have been trying to write about it through letters to baby james.

hopefully one day he'll read it (since he's a boy, i'm thinking it might not be until he's married and his wife reads it to him) and get to see his first ultrasound, the sweets mommy craved carrying him, how daddy painted his room and also read about the the names we almost named him, all the questions i had, and the anxieties i faced (and still face) about his health, labor, parenting...and how through all of these things we could only hope in Christ.

dear baby james...see you soon! i can't wait!!! love, mom


  1. that is too sweet rosie. i bet you're gonna read it in couple years and totally cry haha.

    question, though - are you gonna do the same crazy journal for your next kid too?! ;)

  2. so cute!! he'll love it for sure!

  3. so sweet, rosie!