Monday, June 28, 2010

happy 1st day of year two!

one year ago today i was on a plane to maui because one year ago yesterday joe and i put on some fancy clothes, strung up some lights, said our "i do's," and became husband and wife!

photo by bonnie tsang

with any major celebrations put on hold, we started our day with a sweet breakfast at cream pan japanese bakery before church, spent all day surrounded by dear friends, and ended the night in prayer thanking god for each other and our first wonderful year together.

[insert photos sitting on undeveloped rolls of film, torturing me with their probable blurriness and possible awesomeness]

year one // top five
- having belly-aching laughs and catching, when i can bear to open my eyes, joe laughing just as heartily next to me. love that split second of realization of how happy we are together.
- seeing my real, unfiltered, ugly self previously seen by only my immediate family exposed and hearing joe tell me he still loves me, even more than before. what in the world?!
- waking up at 10am on a wedding-less, shower-less, sports-less saturday and enjoying breakfast in our pajamas with faces fat from plentiful sleep.
- joe carefully saving any dessert that he gets at work, whether it be a slice of birthday cake, a box of crackerjacks, or once even an entire tray of cupcakes, to bring home to me as a surprise treat.
- being amazed at how after years of hoping, wondering, letting go, waiting, i made it to the right team and got the best teammate who i can run alongside and root for (unless he is beating me in settlers or monopoly).

dear joe...ILYSM! love, rosie


  1. Awww, happy anniversary guys! Love the list! So cute how our Pyo boys bring back dessert for their wives.

  2. happy anniversary, pyos jr. so happy you two are (finally) married! - jane

  3. happy anniversary guys!!! such a sweet reflection on your first year! can't wait to see your film fotos :]

  4. this is precious, esp your last bulletpoint! congrats

  5. yay! happy anniversary you two! one down and a gazillion more to come. -shar

  6. aw, rosie...that was so sweet! happy anniversary, mrs. pyo. remember those days when you didn't know if you'd ever be with the love of your life? so thankful for your first year of marriage. yay!

  7. woo hoo! that was so sweet. love it and i can't wait for our pyo family excursions!!

  8. Happy anniversary, girl! Sweet reflections. I love lazy, loungy Saturdays too :) and how husbands love us even when we're crazies. Love, Joan

  9. Happy Anniversary, now that is a wonderful reflection of a year of marriage!! :)

  10. :) happy anniversary (belated). that dessert bit is really cute!

  11. dear rosie!

    1)happy happy belated anniversary to you two. i loved reading about your marriage goals and hearing how joyful you two are together.
    2)please don't deprive those of us who have just gotten to know you (via blogs that is) of your beautiful wedding photos! i would love, love, love to see them.
    3)you guys make a gorgeous couple!