Wednesday, May 5, 2010

lessons i learned from my mom

1.  never compromise, especially when looking for a parking spot. it's better to wait it out than walk from the other side of the lot.
2.  don't fear others' opinions when returning something you've changed your mind on. if you bring your husband, he will feel shame enough for both of you, as he tries to stand camouflaged by the nearest clothing rack.
3.  when all else fails, use sunblock, drink lots of water and/or get a bob haircut.

ok really though, from her surprise themed dinners for the family and the little notes she would slip into my lunch, to her berenstain bears book collection and cross-stitching artwork, my mom has taught and inspired me more than any blog or magazine ever could. she's shown me the joy in making others feel special and filling her home with love - all with the strength that comes from understanding God's true love and not having wasted energy from walking from that really really far parking spot.


  1. so cute, rosie! did a lot of them sell on sunday?

  2. i love it! did you make that card? gj.

    you and your mom are so similar! i like her. (:

  3. cute card!!! did u make that?
    hope ur feeling better! go eat some jook and ja!

  4. @shar/mirms - it's one of the cards i made for the craft fair
    @cathie - think a lot were still left...not sure what they plan on doing with them...mother's day 2011??!