Thursday, May 20, 2010

farewell address to a dress

dear wedding dress,

thank you for being such a perfect dress - simple and elegant in your beautiful silk organza, tulle and satin layers. i was really nervous about taking you apart to make crafts, but it ended up being such a fun experience and now everyone who was there can forever be a part of the sisterhood of the trashed wedding dress, like that movie with the jeans...sort of. so now commending you to my fondest memories, i bid you affectionate farewell!


ps- here are some photos from our trash the dress crafty party.

the first cut // bags for your loot // supplies!

janice working on her apron

angie models her hairpin // a scrapalicious mess // my necklace


  1. Yay, so glad you're posting more! Aww, poor dress but at least many cute crafts came out of it!

  2. yay! and you still have the top, in case you ever want to make a new dress! :]

  3. gotta say, you're def. on a roll with these posts! love it.

    aw, your dress was so pretty, but thanks for sacrificing it for us. (:

  4. looks like you gals had fun! love the craftiness, rosie!

  5. oh wow...I would be so scrared to do that! even though my dress was under $100 and very simple.
    the rosettes are just beautiful.

  6. wow, what a great idea! i would hate to trash my wedding dress, but I know it will only sit in my closet for years...

  7. what a brilliant and creative idea! do you have any dress...leftovers? what will you do with them? i admire your ability to go through with the decision of "trashing" (or beautifully commemorating?) your wedding dress while sharing and collaborating with friends to create whimsical wearables. lovely! thanks for sharing. i'd love to see more photographs.