Friday, May 14, 2010

to market, to market

super excited for the flea market with some of my fav friends this weekend! i'm one of those impossible shoppers who mentally formulates a pro/con list accompanied by 5-page essay before committing to a purchase, whether it be a new car or a napkin holder. sometimes it's good because i'm not impulsive but most of the time it's just annoying. i know.

so i thought it'd be helpful to think through a few things to look for in advance. here's my flea market shopping list...

milk jugs & glass bottles. usually love mason jars too but find at times the mouth is too wide for smaller flower arrangements. this photo display is a cool idea too.

wire jar/bottle carrier. love everything about this centerpiece!

accent chair for small desk in living room. something charming and colorful to replace the dingy burgundy spinning office chair sorely missing its matching college student somewhere.

here's hoping! have a great weekend!


  1. same here! can't wait. i've been waiting to do this--

    let's keep an eye out for pretty bottles!

  2. me three! angie's coming too -- it'll be a partay. :]

  3. Wow I love the idea of putting old photos on bottles! Hope you found what you wanted.