Friday, May 7, 2010

goal #9: friday crossword puzzle

one of my goals in life is to finish the la times friday crossword puzzle. i don't really know what #1-8 are, but #9 seems about right for now until i figure the rest out. also in there somewhere is to be a contestant on wheel of fortune, but i'll save that exciting topic for another day haha.

my thing for crossword puzzles started back in freshman year of college with the good ol' daily cal when it was the only thing that separated my forehead from the cold desk in those 8am bio classes where the prof had to dim the lights to use his projector. then a couple years later when i realized i wasn't going to grow up to be a doctor, i switched majors to mass communications where my credits were earned analyzing radiohead songs and writing about the political workings within "the godfather" - i even took a whole an entire class about the history and power of food in media! anyways, the courses changed, but my love for crosswords stuck and to this day i try to sneak in the la times' puzzle whenever i can at work. the feeling you get when you figure out the puzzle's theme and those other clever clues, especially at friday's difficulty level, is what i could imagine it feels like to finish a marathon. my version just goes better with cupcakes.

happy friday! do you have any goals for today?


  1. ahaha! nice.

    i love the cactus on the cupcake! was it for cinco de mayo?

    my goals for today.
    1)farmers market
    2)start my landscaping project in the front yard
    3)hang out with the fam :)

  2. hi rosie! i like your blog! ummm i totally want to be on wheel of fortune too! and i was a bio major that didn't end up as a doctor. so funny the cactus on the cupcake! :D

  3. the cactus was to celebrate the sprinkles scottsdale anniversary - any reason to get a cupcake is good enough for me! yay scottsdale!!