Monday, May 17, 2010

sunday's bests

sundays are always such a treat, with solid preaching at church (where i usually also score a nice donut) and refreshing times with friends. yesterday the latter took place at the long beach flea market where a whole gang of us went and scoured through the maze of booths in search of the items on our wish lists.

nautical clock and bottle carrier, unfortunately both out of my price range

another wire carrier, also out of my price range...i may need to start collecting clothes hangers and make this a DIY project haha...

what a relief to find this sign at one of my stops! and i did find myself a globe (goal #36) by day's end, as did cathie.

afterwards a few of us went over to the gym to watch our guys play ball. one by one everyone left and i was the last cheerleader in the bleachers, pooped and in major need of a pedicure (eek!), but happy :)


  1. so fun, rosie -- we seriously need to go again. did you see danni's post? we missed some good stuff on the opposite side of the flea! shucks.

    (pst, are you uploading from your phone again?)

  2. love your pics from the flea market!

  3. so lovely to meet you rosie!
    great pics, i really wanted that wire bottle holder ;)
    love your blog! xo.

  4. great those bottle holders!

  5. awesome stuff! but my favorite pic is the one of your foot. is that okay?