Sunday, April 18, 2010

trash the dress

after much deliberation, i have decided to *gulp* demolish my wedding dress! instead of letting it a) collect dust and wrinkles in our apartment, b) go unnoticed on a craigslist post, or c) get charged extra buckaroos to be put into a fancy box, i have invited my nearest dearests over for a craft party where they can each take a piece of it and use their skills to make something perty to take home and remember our wedding forever and ever!

i'll admit i am a bit anxious to do this. i don't know why but my recurring "worst case scenario" dream ends up with all of us dressed in fraulein maria's curtains.

but then i remember how crazy cool & talented my friends are and i'm more excited to be spending time with each of them and ooh-ing and aww-ing at all the lovely things they'll be sure to produce. stay tuned for pics!


  1. i'm not crafty, but can i be invited? :-)

  2. eep i'm so excited!!!

  3. just fyi, i invited irene and donna.. hahaha hope that's ok??