Friday, April 9, 2010

california love

first year of marriage has been like an accelerated crash course where we've been learning so many interesting things about each other and who amasses unimaginable piles of laundry (joe), who needs lots of random and non-random hugs (me), who is more patient (joe), who is most crazy (me), and who we should leave the jokes to (you decide).

i'm so thankful for joe who patiently endures through my craziness, as he keeps me laughing and gives me undeserved hugs (and laundry).

and definitely thankful for the times in between all the learning and growing together we've been able to get away and unwind. i think i'm one of the last of my friends stuck in the dark ages of photography, but here are my pointing-and-shooting efforts from our recent daytrip to san diego.

this is how much joe looooves to take one million pictures :)


  1. so cute, rosie! those pics are so beautiful! you do awesome things with that point and shoot! see you fri. :-)

  2. cute post friend!

  3. yay, so glad you guys got to enjoy sunny san diego! love the pics :]

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE your blog! and I LOVE that one picture of joe...ahahah. so thankful for all you're learning through marriage. what a blessing it is to see how the Lord continues to prove himself faithful through your life. love ya.