Sunday, August 1, 2010

california love, part 2

i couldn't have asked for a better 1[.07] year anniversary celebration than the mini-vacay up to the monterey bay we took last weekend. we persevered through some nasty la traffic and enjoyed the long and scenic route up the central coast where we were wow-ed at each turn by the ocean, mountains, huge trees, sheep?! -- such a far cry from life as we know it in orange county.

turns out one of the biggest motorcycle events in the world, ever (or something like that) was happening the same weekend but luckily it didn't keep us from enjoying our stay at the charming normandy inn (found via sfgirlbybay) and everything else on our jam-packed itinerary.

road trip to do's:
1. hike the north shore trail at point lobos state natural reserve

2. find pretty fishies at monterey bay aquarium

3. eat yummy fishies at old fisherman's wharf

4. get a fat slab of prime rib at clint eastwood's mission ranch restaurant

5. stop by to say hello to clint's sheep

6. play peekaboo at pfeiffer big sur state park

7. dig into delicious dishes at big sur bakery and restaurant

8. take a gazillion pictures with new camera

9. spend quality time with the dearest husband and thank him for being my america's next top model for half of the gazillion pictures

whew, is it just me, or does anyone else feel like they need a vacation after a vacation? traveling is fun but i could totally go for a veg day right about now to just watch tv and eat chocolate chip cookies, yummm...


  1. yay, post more, post more!!! :) -jane

  2. so glad you posted your beautiful pics!! wow, joe is seriously america's next top model, especially under that umbrella. yes. more pics please. - sue

  3. LOVE IT! mm chocolate chip cookies...mmm. (says connay)

  4. Looks like a fun and delicious trip! Love all the pics. Props to Joe for being a good sport and model. :) -Susie

  5. hey i like that last picture, joe looked shocked.

  6. yay for posting! love the pics! but makes me so sad because i miss mb that much more now!! but thankfully, we're planning a mini-vacay at the moment. it'll be nice taking cj back to my former hood. ;)

  7. hi rosie, your blog is so fun to read! looks like quite the vacation!
    btw, i love the composition of the 2nd food pic under big sur restaurant/bakery. it's just perfectly balanced, weight and colors, nice!

  8. Looks like you guys had an awesome vacation! The food photos made me hungry! How I miss California...

    Anyway, I'm hosting a package exchange and you're more than welcome to join the fun! :)

    ♥ Teresa ♥