Friday, July 13, 2012

almost one update (and wish list)

oops, looks like i got stuck in bad blogger mode again. in case anyone's keeping tabs, i'd like to use party planning as my excuse. that, and... teething? (gotta throw that one in whenever we can, right moms? ;)).

but really, i feel like i've been on a conveyor belt going between michael's, party city, dollar tree and the mall (though this one's not really related). and being the type of shopper i am, i end up doing a lot of walking slowly through aisles, deep thinking, calculating, looking items up on amazon and then going home with one pack of glue sticks. true story.

slow as it may be, i do get a kick out of this running around and planning. can't believe a year ago i was on bedrest, surrounded by fans and bottles of water while counting down the days for james to be born! so crazy how fast the past year has gone by. i had a moment today watching james play when i realized how much he's grown and how much he can understand now. his toys are now actually getting some real play instead of being banged together and eaten.

speaking of which, a couple people have asked for help in the bday gift department, so i had james put together a wish list on amazon. i know. already so computer saavy. must be the product of a tiger mom huh? :)

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