Friday, July 27, 2012

jamesy is one!

dear james,

happy 1st birthday, son! if i could, i would name 365 things i love about you, but that's kind of a lot, so i'll try to boil it down to 12 -- to match each of the above pics, and for each sweet month we've had the blessing of raising and loving you.

1. i love when we sneak into your room and "accidentally" wake you up in the middle of the night and you look up at us give us the biggest sleepy smile. i hope you will always be so happy to see mommy and daddy, even when we do bothersome things to you like this.

2. i love how you are a master-signer, from "please" to "thank you" and "more." recently, you even added a new one where when we say "ow!" you take it upon yourself to smack your head with your hand and crack up at yourself. that's some dedication!

3. i love how you are strong in your baby-convictions, like refusing to do tummy time early on and not crawling until you felt ready. i pray that as you grow, this will translate into your strength and not your weakness and make you a brave boy and a wise man.

4. i love the moment we shared the first time you got sick and could only be consoled by mommy's arms. i wish i could promise to always be there for you any time you fall or get hurt or feel bad, but i know that's something only Christ can do. trust in Him, son!

5. i love how your face beams when daddy comes home from work and how you pout when he's leaving. it makes me so happy to see your bond growing stronger each day.

6. i love the few quiet minutes before you go down for the night when you rest your head on my shoulder as we sing to you, and you pat my arm with one hand as the other clutches your yellow towel. just for the record, mommy's not the one singing off key.

7. i love how you are (as alaska-grandma told you a million times during her last visit) full of emotion and so expressive. you "ooh" and "addahh" and "mmm" as if you already appreciate the mini-world around you.

8. you love food. and i love that! as auntie connie puts it, when you eat, it's like you are a teenage boy. people probably think you get that from daddy, but i can't deny, when i see you shovel those snacks into your mouth, maui onion chips do tend to pop into my head.

9. i love it when you get excited when you hear music. you bounce, wave your hands in the air, and even pretend to snap your fingers. sorry i can't teach you much in the dancing dept, but even if you do adopt mommy's weird moves, hope you will bust them out proudly. no fear!

10. i love how affectionate you are with your stuffed animals. as i watch you clutch and hug each of them, i pray that it's a glimpse into the big, loving heart you will have for all sorts of people as you grow older.

11. i love the look you get on your face when you are so focussed -- the pressed lips, the intense eyes. so far this usually means you are pooping, but we're starting to see it when you look at books and play with your toys too.

12. i love you just because! some times i can't even explain it, but when i look at your little face i'm swept away with love about to explode in my heart and i just want to give you nonstop kisses and make cheesy lists about you all day long!

i can't wait for this next year and discovering a whole new list of things to love. thanks for bringing so much joy to our hearts, baby boy!



  1. This is the sweetest thing! I think I smiled and teared up at each one. :-)

  2. aw. sweet! make him a cd compilation with 12 songs to go with each of the 12 things above. ye-yeah! dj katastrophe and mc introsie in da house.

  3. Sooooo sweet!

  4. love this ..i'm gonna copy and paste it for my son too ...and i kathy, i bet she already made the song list and is listening to it right now hehe =)