Friday, May 11, 2012

mother's love

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since recently becoming a mom and coming to grips with the unexplainable force of nature that is a mother's love, it's made me think a lot about my own mom and that love she must have felt towards my brother and me when we were babies.

all those times she would say to us (whether in so many words or with just a look), "i fed you, bathed you, changed your diaper, you ungrateful child!" if only i could take back every eye roll. it breaks my heart now to think of the heartache we've caused her in the years that have followed and makes me so much more grateful for the amazing job she's done to have endured it all with so much love and grace and beauty still left to give.

i only hope i can follow in her lovely footsteps.

on a different mother's day note, how come it is so much harder to get together gifts and mail them out in a timely fashion with a baby? yes, i am the crazy lady wrapping gifts at the post office at 4:55 p.m. and yes, i am the worried daughter that has an icky feeling she might have sent pyo-mom a framed picture of park-mom with james and vice versa. this could be bad.

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