Wednesday, May 9, 2012

family fun day in la

last friday, joe took the day off from work and took james and me to venice and santa monica for a fun-filled day of good eats and quality family togetherness.

rewind back a week before that though and the picture wasn't quite so pretty. what was supposed to be our fun day in LA instead became a conflict of epic proportions, including (with details to spare): driving out to santa monica, driving right back, tears, anger, el dorado park/marshalls, road kill, boba (somehow got to fit that in hehe), more anger, silent treatment, and santa monica again. whew. let's just say my instagram got to take a nice little vacay that day.

honestly sometimes i feel like my nasty days outweigh the not-as-nasty. marriage, motherhood, family, friendships, church, ministry -- such good things, but when they start to stray from my genius master plan for the universe that revolves around me, it's game over!

i finally sat down and watched this video that's been up, down and all around my facebook wall this week. hello, tears! (very different from the "i hate everything!" tears from 2 weeks ago). what a reminder of how beautiful and amazing marriage is when centered not on the people and what we can bring to the table, but Christ, the ultimate example and embodiment of love.

"when all around my soul gives way, He then is all my hope and stay."


  1. encouraging post, rosie! glad you guys went back for a do-over of your family fun day in la! :]

  2. somebody's getting good at blogging..... :)

  3. aw... cuteness.
    i think it's awesome that you can fit in a boba in the midst of a conflict.