Wednesday, April 4, 2012

hey cuz, what should we do today?

spontaneous photo shoot at the park! (said london, hopefully).

looks like at the rate i'm going, this blog gets updated every 4 months, 3 times a year. eek! well, jamesy is now a big, healthy, happy 8 month old boy who devours all his solids as well as most of his toys and books, squeals like a dinosaur, fake laughs, army crawls at impressive speeds, greedily picks up puffs and puts them into his mouth at even-more-impressive speeds, and pretty much melts mommy and daddy's hearts with every smile.

ok, with every cry, burp, poop and glance too.

seriously, sometimes it scares me how much i love this little guy. each day i think to myself how crazy and amazing being a mom is. and this feeling i could have never imagined before just seems to grow and grow with each day. of course with it comes bouts of frustration, anger, fatigue and helplessness, but all in all i'm so thankful for this great blessing. and hopefully i'll do a better job of sharing it with you here! :)


  1. They are such cute besties :) Good job posting...keep it up!

  2. couslings (cousin+sibling)! cute cute. yes, keep it up! we need more than 3 times a year

  3. BEAUTIFUL!! keep it up friend!

  4. oops that was ME up there.

  5. so glad you posted!!! these pics are gorgeous rosie!!