Thursday, April 19, 2012

{eye} try: homemade milk tea boba

undeniably, one of my greatest loves as of late has been boba. according to my trusty calendar, in the last 20 days, i've had boba 9 times. that's like every other day. that's like kind of a lot, huh? i like to tell myself it's research for the boba biz i'm starting in my imagination.

in fact, this morning i went out to the chinese market to find myself some ingredients to make homemade boba and whipped up my first batch during james' nap using different recipes i found online.

turned out pretty decent, as i'm sure anything with a little condensed milk action would. no time now, but i'll try to post the recipe i ended up going with soon.

hoping to try making the blended ice boba and honey aloe boba next. oh no, this could be troublesome.


  1. that's so awesome you made it at home! i'm so in love with boba too. in fact, my hubby thinks my baby is made of 1/2 boba because i drank so much of it when i was pregnant!