Thursday, July 1, 2010

happy cool hooray!

i love when you're sorting through the mail - your bills, the multiple macy's ads, the oil change coupons, someone else's bills that came to the wrong address - and you spot something pretty and personal that you open and finish reading even before you make it back to your front door.

i used to send snail mail, just because, more often but sadly i've gotten so lazy in the age of text messages and emails. goal #13: send more snail mail. goal #12: don't be lazy.

here are some postcards for summer to get me started. it's funny, i don't have summer break and we don't have any big vacations planned, but i'm still so super stoked it's summer!

you can catch them over at the etsy shop.

it doesn't have to be this hard:


  1. So super adorable Rosie!

  2. ahahaah love that video. that's totally me.

  3. so loved your postcard! glad you're getting back to snail mails...i missed it. :) -sharbear