Tuesday, December 29, 2009

what's the big idea?

this post comes to you today as the fruit of a funny friendship that began in 2003 that developed into a rollercoaster relationship a few years later that [not] soon enough resulted in the marriage union between me (rosie) and my husband, joe on june 27, 2009.

scattered through all these wonderful memories, and now secured in a faded black shoebox fighting for space in our small board game cabinet, is the collection of handmade cards and letters we exchanged along the way. and by exchanged, of course i mean sent by me to joe.

but not to steal all the thunder, it was by my sweet husband's encouragement that we decided to turn those scraps of paper and sentimental ideas into something substantial we can share with all the other joe's and rosie's out there. and so in our newly married bliss, we bring to you this, inspired from beginning to end by the love letters in our shoebox -

dear joe... love, rosie

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