Wednesday, May 18, 2016

what the update alert?!

ok randomly checked in on my blog and saw that i haven't posted in like 3 years. and though i'm pretty sure nobody else is checking in anymore, thought i should let it be known kate was born. and then grace too. haha!

here they are with big bro james.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

OOTLNM (outfit of the last nine months)

not sure if i've mentioned on the blog, but we are expecting baby just a couple of weeks! pregnancy this time around has definitely been different from the first. a lot less anxiousness, a little less gluttony (just a tiny little), and it seems to have just flown by as i've been chasing jamesy around.

one great part has been not having to dress up in business suits, pantyhose and pumps for work. which pretty much means i've been wearing these same 5 things, along with my trusty flip-flops, every single day in various forms and fashions.

1. h&m maternity leggings - discovered these a little late in the game, but have been love loving them. they have enough support so they won't droop while not feeling too constricting on the belly. nobody wants to see a big ol'preggo lady with saggy leggings. plus, they are just $12.95 (or less if you score a coupon)!

2. madewell boyfriend chambray - if it's not maternity, it's gotta be boyfriend fit aka big, baggy, and long enough to cover extra square footage. i got this shirt before i was pregnant and it's transitioned nicely as something to throw on over an outfit that doesn't look like it belongs in the exercise or sleepwear department.

3. PINK boyfriend sweatpants - again, no thank you to the clingy or fitted styles. sometimes wish i could just wear joe's size L sweatpants, but i like to think these at least have a cute logo that helps me look a little more fancy when i'm out and about.

4. gap maternity pure body tank - ok, i've actually been wearing this since i was pregnant with james, today, and almost every day in between. i've even had to throw out the original and order replacements. they are just that comfortable and perfect for layering under non-maternity tops that have belly exposing potential.

5. old navy maxi dress - this is also a newer addition, but overall have been loving all maxi dresses during pregnancy. never thought i'd say this, but i'm thankful for the extra inches on my waist that now make these the right length for me without having to wear heels or get alterations.

the pic of me up there showcasing my manhands is from a couple weeks ago in the 1-4 combo. and yes, we've just about landed on the name "kate" as our final answer but probably won't know for sure until we meet our sweet baby girl. eek, so so so excited for the day!

Monday, April 1, 2013

easter sunday fun

i know it usually takes me about a year and a half to get pics from my camera uploaded, edited and blogged, but i just couldn't wait to get these little faces at our easter picnic yesterday up on the screen ASAP!

it's been an interesting and often difficult chapter in our life as we face many tough decisions and exciting changes, but as we celebrated easter this weekend, i was reminded of all that i have to be thankful for. because of Christ's perfect life, death, and resurrection i can rejoice and rest confidently in His never-changing and super-abundant love and mercy through whatever the future brings.

the kiddos had a blast "finding" easter eggs and hopefully as they get older they'll be able to see past the jelly beans and reese's peanut butter cups [that mom has been enjoying while they sleep] to see Christ and the true joy He brings.

Friday, February 8, 2013

mad skills

lately, there are lots of times during my day--like during the fifth round of "if you're happy and you know it" when my arms are tiring from the motions--that i think back on my college and work days and have to laugh a little at the drastic change in scenery. i mean, i recently finished a book i started almost one year ago. *patting self on back*

it definitely has its frustrating and groundhogs day-worthy moments, but i gotta say, i'm learning and being challenged in different ways for which i am so thankful.

here are a few skills i can proudly say i have gained as a mom.
- tetris-ing together plates, cups, utensils, huge stack of free napkins to corner of table furthest from the kid when eating out
- reading a 6-page book in less than 15 seconds so the kid can have closure before losing interest and getting up off my lap
- hiding the remote control, iphone, ipad, ear picker (sometimes joe has to call me to ask where said things are)
- reaching across the back seat of the car, cirque du soleil-style, to grab fallen [fill in the blank] for crying kid
- coming up with strategies while looking quite crazy to keep kid awake in the car to ensure successful nap at home

and on top of that, it's so awesome to be able to see james growing and developing his own little set of toddler skills every day.

c'mon...marching with bells and rolling (aka being thrown) down an incline? somebody hire this kid, already!